Energy Suppliers in the UK

For businesses, having the best business energy supplier and securing an affordable energy supply is important to maintaining profitability. Here, explore the various business energy suppliers in the UK, the factors affecting pricing, and finding the cheapest business energy suppliers.

What should I do when finding Cheapest Energy Suppliers?
  • Compare Offers: Collect quotes from multiple suppliers to compare business energy rates. Don't settle for the first offer you receive.
  • Analyse Energy Consumption: Understanding your business energy consumption is vital for tailoring the right contract. Detailed data about your energy usage is key to negotiating favourable terms.
  • Business Needs: Different suppliers offer varying services. Assess your business's specific needs, such as account management or energy efficiency guidance.
  • Negotiate Terms: Don't hesitate to negotiate. Suppliers may be willing to offer better rates or terms if you're a high-volume user or a long-term customer.
  • The Contract: Before finalizing your contract, carefully review the terms and conditions to ensure you're aware of any additional charges or fees.
What are the Top UK Business Energy Suppliers in 2024?

In the UK, businesses need energy to run their operations smoothly, powering lights, computers, and machinery. That's why finding a reliable energy supplier is super important.

But with different needs for each company, picking the right energy supplier can be tough. So, our experts have rated different suppliers in a few categories to help out:
  • 1. Green Energy Suppliers: Many energy suppliers now offer green electricity, which comes from renewable sources like wind and solar. Good Energy is one supplier that's doing something innovative. They get their electricity from lots of small renewable sources, not just big power plants.
  • 2. Business Energy Suppliers for SMEs: Some suppliers focus on helping small businesses. They make sure their customers have an easy time managing their energy. Suppliers like Opus Energy, E.ON Next, and British Gas Lite are well-liked for offering services like online portals and easy-to-understand tariffs.
  • 3. Cheapest Business Energy Suppliers: Figuring out which energy supplier is the cheapest isn't straightforward. Prices change a lot based on factors like how long your contract is, what kind of tariff you choose, and how much energy you use. To find the best deal, it's smart to compare quotes from different suppliers based on your business's specific needs.
The Cheapest Business Energy Suppliers in the UK

The cheapest business energy suppliers in the UK depend on your location, consumption patterns, and specific needs. What's cost-effective for a large manufacturing plant in Birmingham might not be the same for a small retail shop in Edinburgh.

Here are some of the suppliers that you can compare your energy tariff with:

S.Number Supplier Average Review Reviews Customer
1. Octopus Energy 4.8 212,830 Home and Business
2. Shell Business Energy 4.8 105 Business
3. United Gas and Power 4.8 703 Business
4. Total Energies 4.7 5,241 Business
5. Corona Energy 4.5 1,496 Business
6. Opus Energy 4.4 6,557 Business
7. Positive Energy 4.3 5,166 Business
8. EDF 4.3 70,382 Home and Business
9. Clear Business 4.2 5,110 HBusiness
10. Ecotricity 4.1 5,051 Home and Business
How can I effectively compare prices for business energy?

Discover the easiest way to compare business electricity prices in minutes.

Provide us with key details such as

  • Your business postcode
  • Annual electricity usage
  • Current supplier.

With a single call, we'll analyze rates from trusted business energy suppliers, presenting you with a customized quote that matches your specific needs and offers the best deals available.

Finding the best business energy supplier in the UK involves meticulous consideration of your energy requirements and thorough research. Don't rush into decisions, and always seek quotes from different suppliers to ensure you're getting the best deal. A little upfront effort can translate into substantial savings in the long run, positively impacting your business's financial health.

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