Compare Business Gas Rates

To Compare Business Gas Rates are an important utility for many enterprises. Business Gas is used to power heating, cooling, manufacturing processes, and more. Understanding the difficult measures when businesses compare gas rates, can make a significant difference in managing operational costs and sustainability.

Businesses can explore energy-efficient solutions to optimize business gas consumption and reduce costs by running an audit to compare business gas rates from top business energy suppliers. Proper insulation, energy-efficient equipment, and preventive maintenance all play a role in enhancing gas efficiency. It's essential to keep an eye on the evolving energy market, government incentives, and opportunities for cost savings.

Compare Business Gas Rates with the latest energy market insights in just 60 seconds and get your customized quote from our expert team just by filling out our contact form. With the energy market changing rapidly, we make it easier for businesses to compare business gas rates from the best business energy suppliers to get them the best deal as per the business requirements.

Compare Business Gas Rates and Switch to New Deal

  • Compare Business Gas Prices: Let us know the Business Postcode and meter readings, and we will compare business Gas Rates as per the business’s usage.
  • Select your Gas tariff: Compare business Gas tariffs from the top energy suppliers and switch or renew the current Gas tariff based on business needs.
  • Renew or Switch: Whether renew the current business Gas contract or switch to a new gas tariff, we’ll help to complete it in 5 working days online. Speak to our energy experts for more information
Information Needed to Compare Business Gas Prices

When businesses compare business Gas prices per kWh, they ensure that they are getting the cheapest business gas deal. Whether you source your gas and electricity from the same provider or different ones, comparing gas suppliers can lead to significant savings.

To Make a switch to a new business gas supplier or to compare recent business gas prices, everything is easy when you have the necessary details. While you're likely familiar with most of the information needed, having a recent business gas bill handy can simplify the process and ensure you receive the most precise quote for your consumption.

Also, businesses that have an annual consumption of 70,000 kWh of business electricity can opt for the installation of half-hourly meters.

Here's what we'll require from you:
  • Your business gas bill (containing your annual consumption data)
  • Meter type (smart meter, half-hourly)
  • Basic business information (including name, address, and contact details)
  • Details of your current business gas supplier
  • With this information at the ready, you'll be well on your way to unlocking better deals and savings for your business gas needs.

Different Business Gas Rates that Suppliers Offer

When businesses compare business gas rates, it's important to understand the various types of business gas costs per kWh are available. The different business gas deals to compare are as follows.

  • 1. Fixed-rate deals: A fixed-rate deal means you pay the same price for your gas over a specific time, like 12 to 18 months. Even though the price is fixed, your total bill can still change depending on how much gas you use. Once this time is up, your supplier might switch you to a regular rate. But you can also choose to find a new fixed-rate deal, which could save you money.
  • 2. Variable-rate deals: A standard variable rate (SVT) deal is like a flexible plan where the gas price can change with the market. After your fixed-rate deal ends, you'll probably switch to this, but it could mean higher costs due to current high gas prices. There's a price cap rule from Ofgem to limit how much suppliers can charge on these plans, aiming to protect customers from steep price hikes.
Recent Business Gas Rates per kWh in 2024

After businesses compare business gas rates, if businesses are still having higher business gas bills, there are several reasons for this situation.

One primary factor is the changeable wholesale gas prices, which rise and fall due to global supply, demand, geopolitical events, and weather conditions. When these prices go up, business energy suppliers often pass the increased costs on to businesses.

Here are the recent business gas prices per kWh:
Gas Supplier Unit Price/kWh Standing Charge Annual Price (£)
Scottish Power 7.1p 35.1p £1,898
Smartest Energy 6.9p 144.6p £2,264
British Gas Lite 7.1p 46.1p £1,953
Valda 7.3p 42.1p £1,970
EDF 6.7p 45p £1,839
British Gas 7.8p 48p £2,132
Compare Business Gas Rates per kWh as per Business Size

When Businesses compare business gas rates, a range of factors affect the change in prices including location, usage and size of business, below are the average business gas prices by business size and consumption.

Business Size Annual Usage Unit Price per kWh Daily Standing Charge Cost Per Year
Micro Business up to 5,000kWh 25.2p 73.1p £895.75
Small Business 5,000-15,000kWh 25.4p 78p £2,803.37
Medium Business 15,000-25,000kWh 25.4p 85.1p £5,356.58
Large Business 25,000-50,000kWh 26p 112.5p £10,164.12
How to Switch Business Gas Suppliers?

To compare business gas rates and switch to top business energy suppliers is easy. You can just keep in mind a few key things:

  • Find different Suppliers:Look for different business gas suppliers and compare business gas rates from them.
  • Check Your Current Contract:See if you have a contract with your current business gas supplier and if there are any exit fees for leaving early.
  • Get Quotes: Get a customized quote for your business consumption and compare business gas rates with their help.
  • Pick a Supplier: Choose the business gas supplier that offers the best business gas tariff for your business.
  • Confirm the Switch: Make sure everything is working with your new business gas supplier after the switch.
  • Keep an Eye on Bills: Check your bills to make sure they're correct with your new business gas supplier.
Compare Business Gas Rates per kWh in minutes with BBC Utilities

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