Energy Comparison for Business

Business Energy Comparison have helped various UK companies to save on increasing business energy prices. This helps businesses find cheaper ways to get the utilities they need. Business Energy Prices Comparison Online will also help you get the recent and latest price cap in 2024 from all the business utilities suppliers all over the UK to find the cheapest utility supplier. As the business energy market changes the unit price and standing charge for any business gas and electric deals also change.

UK Business Energy Rates per kWh in 2024

When it comes to finding the latest business gas and electricity prices, online business gas comparison and business electricity comparison tools are the best options and the easiest way to get accurate prices for business gas and electricity deals. These tools provide daily or even live updates on energy unit prices based on the size of your business and its annual energy usage.

Moreover, understanding the annual energy costs based on business size is crucial for budget planning. With the latest annual business energy cost breakdowns, businesses can make informed decisions.

Business Size Annual kWh Usage Electricity Unit Price (p/kWh) Gas Unit Price (p/kWh) Electricity Annual Cost (£) Gas Annual Cost (£)
Micro Business Up to 5,000 24.2 9.6 £1,506.21 £640.38
Small Business Up to 15,000 24.4 7.9 £3,660.00 £1,185.00
Medium Business Up to 30,000 24.0 7.5 £7,200.00 £2,250.00
Large Business Up to 50,000 25.0 8.5 £12,500.00 £4,250.00
  • Business Energy Rates per kWh in 2024: Utilize online business energy comparison tools for accurate and up-to-date energy prices.
  • Importance of Annual Energy Cost Breakdowns: Crucial for budget planning and making informed decisions.
  • Micro Business (Up to 5,000 kWh): £1,506.21 for electricity and £640.38 for gas annually.
  • Large Business (Up to 50,000 kWh): £12,922.16 for electricity and £4,241.00 for gas annually.
  • Increasing Costs with Business Size: Highlighting the importance of utilizing online comparison tools tailored to business needs.
What are the Business Energy Tariffs Available in 2024?
  • 1. Fixed-rate tariffs: A fixed-rate tariffs offers stability by locking in a unit price and standing charge for a predetermined period, often up to 5 years. This type of tariffs is favoured by businesses seeking predictable budgeting and protection against potential increases in electricity prices during the contract duration.
  • 2. Variable rate tariffs: With a variable rate tariffs, the unit rates fluctuate based on wholesale prices. While this offers flexibility and the opportunity to benefit from reductions in electricity prices, businesses should be aware that prices may increase unexpectedly, making it important to carefully consider the level of risk tolerance.
  • 3. Rollover tariffs: Rollover tariffs are automatically assigned when a new contract isn't agreed upon. Typically lasting for a fixed period, these tariffs may come with higher unit rates, potentially limiting the ability to find more cost-effective options elsewhere.
  • 4. Green electricity tariffs: Increasingly popular among environmentally conscious businesses, green electricity tariffs utilize sustainable energy sources. As more suppliers offer green tariffs, businesses of all sizes have a wider array of options to align with their sustainability goals.
  • 5. Pass-through tariffs: Pass-through tariffs divide the bill into fixed wholesale rates and additional rates, such as National Grid levies and network costs. Suited for businesses actively managing their tariff, pass-through tariffs offer greater control over costs by allowing adjustments based on market fluctuations.
  • 6. Deemed rate tariffs: Businesses placed on deemed rate tariffs, typically those that haven't agreed to a specific contract, face the highest rates on the market. Businesses need to avoid being on deemed rate tariffs, as they often result in unnecessarily high costs.
  • 7. Flexible tariffs: Large consumption organizations may opt for flexible tariffs, allowing them to purchase all electricity supplies in advance. This grants access to wholesale market rates and bypasses some retailer costs, providing flexibility and potential cost savings for businesses with significant energy needs.
Business Energy Comparison for Large and Small Business Organisations
Business Energy Price Comparison for Large Organisations

For Large Business Organisations that have high energy consumption for both electricity and gas, it might be hard to run an online business energy comparison. Our team of experts can make a special energy quote just for you.

They'll talk to you to understand your business energy needs. We want to make sure we offer the right services for large businesses. Sometimes big businesses need special meters called maximum demand meters and half hourly meters.

Business Energy Price Comparison for SME’s

If you're a small business owner, you can switch your energy plan online easily. When it comes to energy for businesses, suppliers might see your business in different ways. There are two main types: micro-businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Micro businesses are the smallest, with up to 9 employees. To learn more about SMEs, here at Business Energy Consumption for SMEs will provide the information for every query on business utility comparison.

They have more flexible energy contracts. Any other small businesses are SMEs. When you compare energy suppliers with us, we look at the latest prices from trusted business energy suppliers including the Big Six Suppliers. We find tariffs that are perfect for small businesses in the UK.

Why BBC Utilities?

At BBC Utilities, we understand the importance of renewing your business energy contract on time. If you don't, you might end up paying much more than you need to for your energy. Many businesses let their contracts roll over without knowing they have other options. This can lead to higher costs under a deemed tariffs. Compare Electricity Prices Online or Running a business gas Comparison will help you cut down your business energy bill costs.

Acting quickly is key when it comes to energy contract renewals. We'll make sure you receive your renewal letter in advance, giving you time to explore better deals. With us, you can easily compare the latest prices and switch suppliers online in just 60 seconds.

Charities and non-profits can benefit from a 5% discount on their energy bills with us. Plus, you may qualify for further discounts if you pay via direct debit.

We're committed to making it easy for businesses to be environmentally friendly. Our green energy tariffs offer renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro-energy. These options produce fewer global warming emissions, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, we can guide you on understanding taxes like the Climate Change Levy, which encourages energy efficiency.

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