Find Out Who is your Business Energy Supplier

If you are looking for new business energy tariffs or a new location to move, it’s important that you should know who supplies gas and electricity to your business. If you are not sure who provides gas and electricity to your business. Here is the way to track it down.

Who provides energy to your business?

Your energy provider is the company responsible for delivering your gas and/or electricity services. If you've opted for a dual fuel arrangement, you'll have the same company providing both services, or you might have separate providers for each.

You might not be aware of your energy provider, especially if you've recently moved to a new place. However, it's crucial to identify your energy supplier to ensure that you're on the most suitable pricing and usage plan for your needs. Moreover, knowing how to contact them is essential in case you encounter any issues.

The simplest way to determine your energy supplier is by examining a recent gas or electricity bill. Your bill should contain information about the supplier's name, contact details, and the name of your current tariff. It might also display the most cost-effective tariff offered by your provider. If you can't locate a bill, there are alternative methods to discover who your supplier is.

Find out who supplies business electricity to your business.

You can get to know who provides you the electricity to your business, you just need to contact your Distribution network operator (DNO). They can find your current business electricity supplier, but they aren’t responsible for your business electricity bill. You have to contact the local distribution center as per your location.

If you still have no idea in which region your location falls under, you can find out with the help of Energy Network Association Postcode Search Tool.

If you are experiencing a power cut, call 105 (toll-free) or use Power cut 105 Website. They will get you connected directly to your local electricity network operator. In case of emergency you can contact emergency services on 999.If you are experiencing a power cut, call 105 (toll-free) or use Power cut 105 Website. They will get you connected directly to your local electricity network operator. In case of emergency you can contact emergency services on 999.

Know your Business Gas Supplier

To find out who is your current business gas supplier you just need to type your postcode into Find My Supplier Website. It will show you your current supplier along with your MPRN Number (Meter Point Reference Number), which tells your supplier the location of your gas meter.

In case you are not connected to your internet services, you can still contact on meter helpline no. 0870 608 1524. It is available nationwide, and charges 7p per minute.

How to know your electricity and gas supplier if you recently shifted to your new location?

To figure out who provides the energy at your new place, you can ask your real estate agent or the previous property owner. They may have information about the business gas and electricity supplier.

In certain areas, there are local utility regulators that maintain records of business energy suppliers. You can contact these authorities to inquire about your supplier.

Some online services or websites enable you to enter your new business address to discover your business gas and electricity supplier. These services can be a quick way to identify your supplier.

Once you've determined your business gas and electricity supplier, be sure to get in touch with them to inform them of your move and provide meter readings. This will help ensure accurate billing and a smooth transition to your new business location.

Is it important to know about current business energy supplier?

Knowing your current business energy supplier is important for a few reasons. It helps you get accurate bills and pay on time, preventing money troubles and service interruptions. It also lets you check if you're using the best-priced plans, which can save your business money.

If you ever run into energy problems, knowing your supplier helps you contact them quickly to solve the issues. Being aware of your supplier can also give you access to energy-saving tips, making your business more energy-efficient and cheaper to run.

It's essential for contract renewals, so you know when your contract ends and the terms. If you're moving your business, knowing your supplier makes the transition easier.

Understanding your supplier helps you follow the rules about energy use in your industry and region. In short, knowing your business energy supplier is important to manage energy well, save money, and keep your business running smoothly.

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